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Echelon+ is a fun, engaging mobile app that guides you in learning and adopting dozens of effective leadership habits.

People who apply these habits to their day-to-day interactions with colleagues are able to achieve better and more consistent results than those who don’t.

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First, identify your values and strengths

Find out what makes you tick and the unique strengths you bring to your workplace and colleagues.

Next, learn key leadership habits

The new habits you adopt will make you stand out as an exceptional team member.

  • Demonstrating commitment

  • Partnership Building

  • Listening

  • Creating ownership

  • Acknowledgment

  • Instilling pupose

Put the newly learned habits into practice

When you apply what you learn to your day-to-day interactions with colleagues, team work, performance and results increase greatly.

Get peer-certified!

As you practice more on more Echelon+ habits, your colleagues will provide you feedback and certify your growing leadership mastery.

See what Echelon+ users are saying


“The Echelon+ app helped me greatly in working better with my team. The habits contained in the app are very practical, helpful, and easy to adopt.”

Abigail G.
Team lead

“Very happy with the habits this app brought to my teams. Reliability, accountability, and trust are way up.”

Ann P.
Business owner

“Highly recommend this app to any companies that are looking for a way to bring their organizational values to life inside their workforce.”

Steve B.
HR Manager

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    Leverage your existing strengths to achieve more at work (and in life)

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