Spread high performance habits throughout your company

Echelon+ HR: an effective, measurable way for HR Managers and Executive Managers to improve employee engagement and build high performance teams inside their companies.

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We’re different

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Current approaches


Predict top leaders

Measure success outcomes

Learning via study



Makes top leaders

Data that’s actionable

Measures success drivers

Learning via doing

Echelon+ HR focuses on the one thing that always and only drives results:


Echelon+ HR assists companies in spreading high performance habits throughout their organization.

Companies with a higher prevalence of effective leadership habits throughout their workplaces achieve more and better results.

Remove the bad habits that are limiting team performance and employee engagement.

(and replace them with key habits of effective leaders)

The Echelon+ HR offering is comprised of 3 inter-connected parts


Diagnostic Leadership Survey

Identify not only employee engagement levels inside organizations, but also the leadership behaviors that are driving those engagment numbers. Illuminate what’s driving your employee engagement and see exactly what’s needed to improve it.



Introduce then spread effective leadership habits throughout your organization via an engaging, gamified mobile app.

Steps to improve your leadership habits

Step 1

Bite-sized lessons

Users learn key transformational distinctions of high performance - more powerful ways of doing what they do.

Step 2

Practice practice practice

Users apply the high performance habits they learn to their day-to-day interactions with colleagues.

Step 3


To ensure users are applying the habits they learn the right way, positive feedback is needed by the very people that matter most - their peers and colleagues.

The Echelon+ app is very smart, and 100% committed to your success

Machine learning algorithms nudge users to carry out particular habits, ensuring your managers and team leads are having just the right conversations at just the right times with specific colleagues.


Echelon+ Web Panel

Get visibility about what’s really going on in your organization. The Echelon+ Web Panel tracks and shows the impact that improved leadership maturity is having on employee engagement levels and team performance.

Would you like to create a high performance work environment where:

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    People’s strengths are fully utilized and appreciated
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    Everyone feels their work is important
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    Employees feel part of a community
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    People actively support each other
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    Everyone’s ideas, feedback and concerns are listened to and appreciated.

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